Keep 100% commission On Everything you earn 

Flexible low-cost agent and LLC brokerage sponsorship options.

Real Estate Agent Sponsorship

Keep 100% Of Your Commissions Without Sacrificing Quality Broker Support

Keeping your commission for yourself should be the standard.  At Broker Breakup, we believe in provding best in class broker support without the condition that we take a piece of your commission.  Find out what the big box brokerages don't want you to know. 

Keep What You Earn

Never split your commission with a broker ever again.

Build Your Own Brand

We allow you to build your own brand as well as your own team.

Premier Broker Support

We take pride in offering top-notch broker support. Get what you need when you need it.  

Options For Any Budget

Pay Annually, monthly, or only when you close a transaction.  You are in control of your costs.

Free Lead Generation

We allow you to build your own brand as well as your own team.

24 Hour Activation

We can have you activated lighting fast. Got a big commission coming? Switch Now.

"Broker Breakup has allowed me to double my salary and my production every single year."

Broker Sponsor Texas Review

I wanted the ability to launch my own brand and company.  Brent has been an amazing asset.  His expertise and legal team are always behind the scene.  His timely response to our needs is the best!

Shelly Scanlin / Styled Real Estate

Broker Breakup Testimonials Shelly

I highly recommend if you are looking for a broker sponsor or ready to start your own brokerage, reach out to Broker Breakup. Brent Porter is the guy to go to!

Clara Torres / Altru Realty

Affordable Texas Real Estate Agent Sponsor

Broker Breakup is an amazing company and Brent is an incredible person and has so much to offer.   I would  100% recommend Broker Breakup for any type of sponsorship you need.

Crissy Broeske / Seasons of Life Realty

Texas Agent Sponsor

are you a real estate agent who wants to keep 100% of your commissions?

We’ve got a great solution for real estate agents who are looking to keep more of their hard-earned money. You can receive all the support and guidance from your broker, but still get to keep 100% of your commission! That means no more splitting with other agents in the office or paying back referral fees. It’s time to take control over how much you make on each deal.

The best part is that we don’t charge any monthly fees like other brokers do. There are no hidden costs here – just an easy way for you to earn what you deserve without having to give up anything in return! Sign up today and start earning what you deserve while keeping 100%. It doesn't get better than this.

The better way to grow your real estate business

We’re excited to help agents grow their business without spending a fortune along the way. We offer free leads to agents we sponsor with no strings attached. You can use our lead generation service as much or as little as you like, and there are no contracts involved! It’s simple – just sign up today and start getting more clients in your pipeline.

Companies we partner with

Imagine having access to thousands of fresh, new prospects every single month without ever paying another dime out of pocket for them! Now imagine that these aren’t just any old prospects… they are people who have already expressed interest in buying or selling real estate within the next six months! That means you don’t have to waste time on tire-kickers or dead ends anymore. Just send them a message and let us take care of the rest so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business!

100% Commission Sponorship Works in any situation

Broker Breakup provides sponsorship for real estate agents who are looking to keep more of their commissions without sacrificing broker support. You can keep 100% of your commissions while still receiving great support from your broker. We provide the tools and resources you need to be successful in this industry, so why not take advantage now?

It’s time to stop giving away all those hard-earned dollars! Let us help you get back what’s rightfully yours with our sponsorship program that allows you to keep 100% of your commission. With no set-up fees or monthly costs, we make it easy for you to say goodbye forever to brokers taking a cut out of every deal. Sign up today and start earning more money than ever before!