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30. Building More than Your Bank Account with Client Relationships

client relationships

5.34 million existing homes were sold in the united states in 2018.

To put that number in perspective, that is the equivalent of slightly over 14,000 homes sold every day.

Real estate is a competitive business, and a critical differentiating factor is maintaining excellent client relationships. When you serve clients and close the sale, it should not mark the end of the journey.

Closing the books on a transaction should mark the beginning of a long term connection with the client. The relationships you maintain with them beyond the sale show that you care for them and could earn you more business in future.

Read on for ideas on how you can keep in touch with past clients without badgering them.

Send a Post-Closing Gift

Everyone loves receiving some form of appreciation. The gesture tends to have even more impact when it comes with a personal touch.

As a real estate agent, you can’t underestimate the value of the personal touch in your business relationships.

If a client you have served leaves with a good experience the odds are high they will speak highly of you to their friends. There is no better marketing strategy than leveraging positive word of mouth.

When you finally close a transaction, you should try and stand out from the pack by offering your client a token of appreciation.

Set aside some of the money from the sale for the gift. If you are worried about a gift cutting deep into your commission, worry not.

You can send a simple and inexpensive gift that your clients will still appreciate. Some gift ideas for you include:

● Gift cards to a restaurant, movie or musical theatre
● Home improvement magazines since they might be doing some touch-ups on the new property
● A household gift from the client’s favorite sports team like a yard flag for example
● Household decor items that you think they might find interesting

Never underestimate the personal touch of a thank you gift once you close the transaction.

Check in on Them

Once you have closed on a transaction with a client you can choose to let go or solidify your brand. After you have given them your gift of appreciation for their business you can check in on them.

Decide when you can give them a call to find how they are settling in on the new property. A few weeks after closing is not a bad idea to get in touch.

When you check in find out if they have any questions you can answer. As you do so you will be extending care to the client long after you have delivered. That will speak volumes to them about your dedication.

When checking on them, avoid making a further sale as it may become annoying. Remember that your client’s time is precious. Give any help that you can where necessary and then step out of their way.

Build a Periodic Newsletter Your Clients Will Value

In every business, an email newsletter is an invaluable tool to connect directly with customers. Your newsletter is among the very few digital assets that you have complete control over.

As a real estate professional, an email newsletter can help you cultivate relationships with clients once transactions are done.

For your newsletter to achieve the desired effect though, it must add value to your clients. Otherwise, you will just be yet another business that floods their inbox with junk.

The first thing your newsletter should do is add value to your client. Every time they click on it they should feel they got something of value once they get to the end.

Your newsletter should also catch their attention through attractive and relevant images and color. The importance of your newsletters visual design can’t be stated enough.

A good newsletter is one that is easy to read. Therefore if you want to connect with your clients, it is imperative to use a conversational tone and stay away from industry jargon as much as you can.

Wherever you use any technical terms, define them for your readers.

Don’t forget to add a relevant call to action at the end of your newsletter. It prompts your clients to interact with you once they finish reading it.

Some examples can include an offer for a free home valuation consultation, a market report among others.

Host a Client Party

People love to let their hair down every once in a while. A client party can be a good touch point to maintain contact with your clients.

You might want to invite your past and present clients to the party and have them bring friends or family. This will make for a more relaxing atmosphere for them. After all, the more the merrier.

As a way of making the event even more exciting, you can offer up raffle prizes that are likely to appeal to your clients.

Things such a winning a free valuation consultation service and a home improvement store gift card can build up their anticipation.

There are many ideas around which you can base client parties and they include:

● Christmas parties with a free photo with Santa
● A back-to-school party featuring free instant family portraits they can take home with them
● Halloween parties for the children with the scariest costume getting first prize
● A summer kickoff party to celebrate the new season with a free barbecue and outdoor games for the children

In the real sense, you do not even need a reason to hold a party. You only need to inform your visitors well in advance.

Develop Outstanding Client Relationships

The competitive real estate landscape calls for a network of well-cultivated client relationships as a means of staying ahead of the pack.

There are various ways you can foster relationships with past clients. Take advantage of those that best suit your business dynamics.

BrokerBreakUp exists to help your real estate career grow in leaps and bounds. Contact us today to find out how you can be your clients’ go-to resource for all matters real estate!

posted May 23, 2019

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