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How to Find a Real Estate Broker Sponsor

In August of 2021, it was reported that were roughly 1.29 million units for sale on the real estate market. Drastic swings like this can make it challenging to make money in real estate, but how does getting a real estate sponsorship help you succeed?

Getting a real estate broker sponsor is crucial, particularly in today's market. Many people like the idea of getting into real estate and one of the fastest ways to excel in the industry is by learning how to find a real estate broker sponsor.

Sponsors can bring you many benefits and it can be a way to climb the market quickly. However, not everyone can get a sponsor, and sometimes it's challenging to find the right one.

So if you would like to know where to find good real estate broker sponsors, then keep reading.

How to Find a Real Estate Broker Sponsor

The great thing about the real estate industry is that it attracts many people. This is good news because it means that there are lots of opportunities for sponsorships.

However, getting sponsored isn't always a walk in the park. Just like any other financial pursuit, there are easy ways to find a sponsor and hard ways.

Speak to Local Agents

One way that you can get sponsored is by speaking to other real estate agents in your area. This is a more organic way to get sponsored and it can be a great way to meet new people.

However, it can take a lot of time to meet people and this can end up taking your focus off looking for properties. Some people are successful using this method but it can take a lot of work and it doesn't necessarily happen overnight.

Market Yourself

Another way to find sponsors is by marketing yourself. Again this can be by marketing to people in person, however, it's becoming more popular to do this online. 

Some people use advertisements or other online promotions while other people may have a website that advertises that they want to be sponsored.

This method for getting sponsors can reach a much larger scope than just focusing on your local area. The problem is, that you run the risk of spending money trying to promote yourself only to get no interest. 

Choose Services That Are Already Sponsoring

Lastly, to find sponsors, you can look at services that are already offering sponsorship. While many of these services offer you high fees, not every service will do this. 

At Broker Breakup, we offer you sponsorships with low fees so you can get a low-cost real estate broker sponsor.

The Signs of a Good Real Estate Sponsor 

Now that we've mentioned how you can find real estate sponsors, it's important to know how to spot a good sponsor. There are also a few key things that you should avoid.

Low Fees

One of the best signs of good real estate sponsors is if they offer low fees. Many try to keep their costs high so they can make more money, however, low-cost real estate broker sponsors don't do this. 

Some sponsors will have low fees at the start and then have hidden fees which will only cost you more in the long run. However, if you see a sponsor who genuinely offers low fees then this is a good sign. 


Another sign of a good sponsor is if they have a good reputation. To get an idea of their reputation you can look at their reviews. 

The sponsor you choose should also have a good track record with lots of successful deals and preferably recent deals that are successful. 

You can always ask people who have been sponsored by the sponsor you are considering for their opinion. They can offer you a first-hand insight into whether or not they had a positive experience.


One other sign of a good sponsor is if they provide mentorship. Mentorship doesn't just help you make better real estate decisions but it can also help your career progression.

If you are being mentored by a good sponsor then they should help you find better deals. However, not all sponsors will provide mentorship and this doesn't necessarily mean that are bad.

Although, this is something you should keep in mind. 

The Benefits of Getting a Sponsor

Getting a real estate sponsor can bring you many benefits. This is why it can be competitive when trying to get sponsored.

Financial Profit

One benefit of real estate sponsors is that they can help you to make more money. Many people are in real estate so they can increase their financial profits. 

Getting a good sponsor can help you with this, particularly when you consider the financial opportunities they can help you find. So keep this in mind when considering a sponsor. 

Career Growth

Another benefit of getting a real estate sponsor is that they can help you to find better deals. If you are looking to excel in your real estate career then it's important to start getting successful deals under your belt.

Great deals can sometimes be hard to come by so having a sponsor who can help you with this is a huge advantage.

Increase Efficiency 

Aside from finding better deals, real estate sponsors can also make you more effective in your daily productivity. Being a realtor can consist of filling out lots of paperwork and getting legal support.

Having a good structure for your day is crucial in the real estate market and sponsors who provide mentorship may be able to help you with this. Either way, having a sponsor will remove a lot of the guesswork for you which will help you to be more effective. 

Get Sponsored Today 

It can seem challenging when you are figuring out how to find a real estate broker sponsor. However, if you follow the guidance in this article you should find a great real estate sponsor in no time.

If you are stuck on finding a real estate sponsor, then why not view our sponsorship plans today.   

posted June 28, 2022

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