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How Can Good Broker Support Help a Real Estate Agent Grow Their Team?

Good broker support should be a big deal since we know that choosing a broker sponsor is one of the biggest factors in the trajectory of your real estate career.  Too often though, new and veteran agents make decisions about their broker sponsor based on old ways of thinking about the broker-agent relationship. 

If you want to get paid more, have a team of experts at your disposal, build the life you've always wanted for you and your's time for a change in perspective.  If you want to be more successful than your competition, you need to have support from your sponsoring broker that surpasses all of your competition as well.  

You're tired of working with a broker who doesn't care about your success. You want to find someone who will help you grow your business and increase your income.

Imagine having a real estate broker that is always there for you, no matter what the situation. They are available 24/7 to answer questions or provide advice when needed. And they work hard to get you more listings so that you can build your team and make more money!

Broker Support TO Get On-the-Ground Guidance

One of the biggest benefits of broker support as a new real estate agent is that they can give you on-the-ground guidance. As with any career, there’s a lot you can only learn by doing the job. In your first couple of years, you’re going to make mistakes, especially if you’re working on your own.

When you work under a broker, you don’t have to learn the ropes all by yourself. You have other experienced agents and brokers who can help you avoid costly errors and teach you insider tips and tricks. This can save you a lot of unhappy clients, as well as make your path as an agent a little bit easier

Support With Continued Learning Opportunities 

In addition to on-the-job training, working with a broker can give you more opportunities for continued learning. The real estate field is always changing, and regulations may be different year to year. If you want to keep up with the competition and continue to improve as an agent, you need to focus on continuing to learn even after you get your license. 

Working under a broker can give you some great opportunities for continued education. They may pay for you to attend seminars, professional conferences, and even continuing education courses. They can help you find which conferences and industry events are good to attend and which training courses will give you the most valuable information.

Get You The Recognition You Deserve So You Are Top Of Mind

One of the biggest challenges new real estate agents face is getting their name out into the world. You need clients to recommend you to their friends and family, and you need to be the first name a person thinks of when they get ready to sell their house. On your own, building this sort of recognition can take months or years, during which you’ll struggle to find clients. 

When you work under a broker, you gain all their marketing and branding advantages. They already have established marketing channels in place that they can use to promote you as an agent. And you gain the benefit of brand recognition, which can earn you more customer trust and bring in new clients.

Build Confidence By Having A Lead Pipeline To Grow Your Business Faster

On the subject of bringing in new clients, working with a broker can make it much easier to build your client pool. When you work as an independent agent, you have to start from scratch. You’ll be trying to stretch income from a few clients for months before you can get a steady stream of customers coming in.

When you work with a broker, you can start off with a whole pool of potential customers. Because of that brand recognition, we mentioned, a broker is likely to have a steady stream of clients coming in already. They can direct these clients to you while you build your own loyal group of satisfied customers.

A Broker Who Offers More Services So You Can Focus On Your Agents

As an independent real estate agent, the services you’re able to offer will be pretty limited. If you’re the only one on your team, you’ll probably be limited to handling home transactions. And while those can be lucrative on their own, they limit your earning potential to the number of cases you can handle per month. 

Working with a broker can help you to expand your earning potential and offer more services to clients. You can perform title searches, provide home warranties, and offer continued support to your homeowners after their sale. Not only will this increase your income, but it can also help you to grow your client pool since you’ll stay involved in their lives after the sale closes.

Get Benefits That Will Protect You Financially

While working on your own offers you a lot of freedoms, it comes with certain sacrifices, too. One of the biggest problems for many people is the lack of benefits when you run your own business. You don’t get employer-provided health insurance, employer-backed retirement accounts, paid time off, or any other such perks. 

When you work under a broker, you can get all of these amazing benefits and more. You won’t have to buy your own health insurance, which can be incredibly expensive, and you can take vacations without losing money. These benefits can make it much easier to maintain the sort of work-life balance and financial security you need as a real estate agent.

Discover Why The Right Broker Support Is So Important

When you’re starting out as a real estate agent, having broker support can be incredibly important. You can get on-the-ground training, grow your client base, and even get employee benefits. You’ll start with a pool of potential customers, be able to expand your earning potential, and even find the best opportunities to continue learning about your field.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of broker support, check out the rest of our site at Broker Break Up. We provide broker sponsorship across Texas with no waiting and no commission splits. Contact us today and start building your business your way.

Broker Breakup is a real estate agent and real estate broker sponsorship provider that is dedicated to helping you take your real estate business to the next level.  Whether you are an independent agent, run a team, or want to own your own brokerage, we will help you take your real estate game to the next level.  See what we can do for you! 

posted November 12, 2021

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