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Agent Sponsorship in texas...the better way.

How to get broker sponsorship in Texas for real estate agents has never been easier.  Broker Breakup has created a better way for real estate agents in Texas to get sponsored.  No matter where you are in Texas, we have options and plans for you.  Independent agents, teams and groups and LLC brokerage owners can all keep what they own with Broker Breakup.  We even offer enterprise solutions for companies looking to grow their business in the Texas real estate market.   

Individual agents active in under 24 hours

Available for every MLS in texas

Ability to join multiple mLS Boards

dedicated broker support

Texas Agents! Keep Your commissions! Here's how it works:

Step One

Pick the plan that's best for you

Step Two

Sign up & activate your license within 24 hours

Step Three

Leverage our best-in-class resources to take your business to the next level

Our Agent Sponsorship plans offer activation in less than 24 hours.  The process for signing up for our broker sponsor programs takes less than 5 minutes.  Skip your next mandatory meeting.  Keep 100% of your next commission.  

Access To Exclusive Marketing Solutions

In addition to all of the products you would expect from a top big box brokerage, Broker Breakup offers an exclusive suite of marketing tools that have all been rigorously tested for performance.  All of these materials are able to be drop shipped to your home or office.  We allow you to be as creative as you want with all of your signage within TREC's guidelines.

Not sure which marketing channels are right for you?

Every one of our broker sponsorship plans gives you access to guidance from some of the most experienced brokers in the state of Texas.  We can help guide you based on your needs and budget.  We will show you the tools used by the top performers in order to generate more leads, work more effectively, and close more deals...All while keeping 100% of your commission.

Companies we partner with

Success Stories

"Broker Breakup has allowed me to double my salary and my production every single year."

- Jordan Schilleci, Jo & Co Realty Group

You Deserve A Better brokerage experience

Premiere Access To Broker Support

  • Personal Branding
  • Simple Tools & Technology
  • Legal Support & Compliance
  • Dedicated Agent Success Managers

Freedom From Traditional broker headaches

  • Training
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Support
  • Agent Community

Broker Breakup is an industry leader when it comes to support. Our trademarked SponsorShield program gives independent agents the security they need to breakup with their big box brokerage. Every agent and LLC brokerage owner is covered by this guarantee.  

Even More Reasons our sponsorship Stands out

The math is on Your side

( make more money with Broker Breakup!)

Deals In One Year

Traditional Agent

Broker Breakup Sponsorship

12 Properties

$200K Average Value

30% Broker Fee 

$100 Desk Fee

0% Broker Fee

$0 Desk Fee


you make $49,200

You make $69,362

You make $20,162 more With: 

I wanted the ability to launch my own brand and company.  Brent has been an amazing asset.  His expertise and legal team are always behind the scene.  His timely response to our needs is the best!

Shelly Scanlin / Styled Real Estate

Broker Breakup Testimonials Shelly

I highly recommend if you are looking for a broker sponsor or ready to start your own brokerage, reach out to Broker Breakup. Brent Porter is the guy to go to!

Clara Torres / Altru Realty

Affordable Texas Real Estate Agent Sponsor

Broker Breakup is an amazing company and Brent is an incredible person and has so much to offer.   I would  100% recommend Broker Breakup for any type of sponsorship you need.

Crissy Broeske / Seasons of Life Realty

Texas Agent Sponsor

Best Sponsorship for new agents

We thought you should know about some of these great perks!

  • Commissions paid at closing
  • New Agents Welcome
  • New Agent Mentorship
  • No Mandatory meetings
  • Office Space freedom

Sponsorship Plans specifically designed for Every Type of Texas agent 

Which plan works best for you?

  • Top Producer

  • Standard Agent

  • LLC Brokerage

Top Producer

The Top Producer plan is designed for agents, groups and teams who are taking their business to the next level.  

  • top producing agents
  • agents who want independence
  • Great for building or expanding a team or group
  • top level broker support
  • business growth strategy meetings
  • access to exclusive lead generation strategies

Find out more about our sponsorship options

We are here to answer all of your questions.  

  • need help picking the right plan?
  • have questions we haven't answered?
  • want to know how we help you grow?

Fill out your information and we will be in touch right away.

Our Sponsorship Programs Work For Any Situation

Whether you are an agent looking for more independence or you just want to keep more of your hard earned commissions, we have agent plans that will work great.  Maybe you are looking to build your own brand, brokerage, and hire your own agents.  Our LLC Brokerage Owner sponsorship option puts you in the driver's seat of your own LLC corporation.  We are committed to helping you grow your business and realize your real estate dreams.