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How to Grow Your Brokerage’s Agent Base by Providing Amazing Leads

Growing Your Brokerage’s Agent Base by Generating Real Estate Leads

When you want to build a thriving career in real estate, click to explore how to grow your brokerage's agent base by generating real estate leads!

Although working in real estate offers a large potential to establish a lucrative career, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to work as an agent. Running a brokerage can be highly profitable, but there are certain nuances that you need to keep in mind.

For example, you'll need to have a strong understanding of generating real estate leads for your agents. This will help them perform more efficiently and generate more revenue for your business.

Wondering how to generate leads efficiently? Let's explore what you need to consider.

Take Advertising Seriously

It shouldn't come as a surprise at all that you will need to take advertising seriously when it comes to maximizing the number of leads you have at your brokerage. In general, local advertising will be your main priority. However, this doesn't mean that online advertising is something that you should neglect.

Getting your brokerage in front of the relevant demographic is essential. So, you will need to consider certain factors about your audience in order to narrow down on your niche.

For example, some brokerages prioritize working with those who speak Spanish as their primary language.

Network as Much as Possible

Networking is one of the most efficient ways to generate new leads.

In fact, attending even a handful of local networking events can especially increase the number of leads that you have. This will allow you to provide your agents with the greatest opportunity possible to close successful deals.

By extension, your brokerage will become more profitable over time. You'll also attract many agents who are looking for a broker sponsor.

Form Partnerships With Lawyers

Interestingly, many brokerage owners neglect the potential that working with divorce lawyers can have.

Most divorces result in the sale of a home. This is simply due to the fact that many people are not able to afford a family home by themselves. By working with a divorce lawyer, they can recommend you to their own clients, providing you with an opportunity to handle their needs before they begin looking for an agent to work with.

Similarly, bankruptcy attornies often make recommendations on when a home should be sold.  Real estate is often sold as a part of a bankruptcy settlement.  Beleive it or not, most attornies don't have a go-to realtor they can trust to refer out clients.  

Other lawyers such as attornies specializing in probate and wills may have recommendation opportunities from time to time.  

Take Advantage of Lead Generation Software

Lead generation software can help streamline this process. In practice, it involves using a specialized program to collect information from potential clients.

To clarify, let's assume that you have a landing page on your website that prompts users to sign up for a weekly newsletter. Lead generation software can add their email address to a database and then use it to send them offers available homes. Similarly, you could also send them information about how to recognize the right time to sell their house.

The software will automate a large number of menial tasks, allowing your agents to spend more time focusing on their core responsibilities.

Generating Real Estate Leads Is Essential

Otherwise, your brokerage will not perform as well as it should. The good news is that generating real estate leads is also much simpler than you might anticipate.

The information above will help ensure that you handle this process appropriately and get the results that you desire. Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to get in touch with us today and see how we can help.

posted December 6, 2021

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