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38. How to Develop a Seamless Real Estate Email Marketing Strategy in 2020

As a real estate agent or investor, email marketing is one weapon you need in your arsenal come 2020. Change is inevitable in your line of business, and you’ve to think fast lest competition overtakes you. 

Knowing the right strategy to reach out to your clients effectively is one way of boosting sales. Email is one of the best marketing methods for a quick return on investments. Learn how to craft the perfect real estate email marketing strategy in this quick guide.

1. Appealing Subject Lines

For a successful real estate email marketing strategy, use attractive subject lines. The first impression counts, and in your emails too, make the best at first glance. Your email content may be excellent, but if the subject line turns off the readers, they will rarely open it.

Don’t be so common, instead make the most of your creativity to send enticing information. You can try sending the subject lines on your social media sites to evaluate the responses of your followers. If it receives positive feedback, then use it on your emails.

2. Length of Emails

Your target clients are busy people and trying to hold their attention with tones of information will not be helpful. Try to be precise and to the point, avoid unnecessary words in your emails. Strike a balance by ensuring your email has all the information you want to pass across. 

An email that is too short may not contain all the necessary information. Make it long enough that your client can read it within a short period and grasp what you desire to pass across. Use subheadings and avoid long paragraphs so they can skim through quickly. 

If you feel there is too much information, instead of offering it all on emails have direct links to your website. The more your clients read your emails, the more you build client relationship.

3. Consistency 

Depending on the kind of information you want to send out, ensure you are consistently sending emails to your target group. Instead of bombarding them with long emails, you can do short ones frequently. You can choose daily, weekly, or monthly periods to be sending newsletters.

This way, the readers will be expecting your emails and even looking forward to receiving some new information on real estate. Send at specific times of the day and, if possible, all at once to all the prospects.

4. Mobile-friendly Emails

Most people have their mobile devices all the time and have email apps on them. Buyers looking forward to purchase a property are most likely to search on mobile. Make your email templates mobile-friendly to reach a broader clientele. 

To make your emails mobile-friendly, ensure your subject lines are not too long. The pre-header text is one feature you shouldn’t leave out in the email. The pre-header should also have a message that will entice the reader to open the whole email and find additional information.

Make your email scannable to the recipient by having bullet points, short paragraphs, and headers. Make the email easy to understand within the shortest time as most people are usually multitasking on their mobiles. 

When using images, ensure the message you want to pass across using them is in the texts. It is essential because some users may not be able to download the images.

5. Add on to your List

Don’t be contented with your existing list of prospects; add more to the list. Reach out to various prospective buyers on Google and social media sites. Direct them to subscribe to your emails. In so doing, you will find a new addition to your mailing list every day.

It’s more like casting your net upon the water and having your hopes high that you can’t miss a single fish. You can achieve new additions by buying new leads in bulk, always cleaning your database and networking in person.

6. Record Results

To determine if email marketing for real estate agents is benefiting the business or it is an expense, record the traffic you receive. You can track emails through conversion, open, and click-through rates. 

These metrics are one sure way of telling you if you are heading somewhere or lagging. You then can decide to change tactics or improve on the existing one. Take your time to learn better email marketing performance.

7. Personalization 

There is no point in sending loads of emails out there, and only receive less than 50% on sales. 

To get the best out of your real estate email marketing strategy, try to personalize your emails. Humans connect easily to people who recognize them for who they are: build on that. When reaching out to potential buyers, enticing them to get more details is one of the best marketing tips to use. 

Have people sign up for the newsletters when they show interest in your properties. Have an eBook where they can answer some questions and leave their contact details. Have Facebook, Instagram, or any other sites running ads that require readers’ details.

With the contact details, you actively try to reach out to people with personal messages. Refer to them with their names and give details of a property they have an interest in buying. Constant emails to them will have them build the desire to buy from you even if it wasn’t their initial intention.

8. Use the Right Tools

Using the right services for email marketing for realtors will make your work easy and effective. If you are starting, use an email tool that can gather information and schedule emails. 

MailChimp is one such tool, perfect for investors and agents with a small list. Constant Contact is another tool that offers the same function.

For an easy-to-use tool that has flyer, infographic, and social media templates, Lucidpress is the right one. It will not only manage your email lists but also help you generate content and design the email.

Start Successful Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign Today

Aspiring to be the best in real estate agent in 2020? Make real estate email marketing your number one strategy. Following the tips above on how to make an effective marketing strategy will see your company record high returns on sales and marketing. 

If you want more information on how to improve your email marketing, you can go through our website and find more information on our blog. You can also go out of the way to contact us and we will be ready to help out.

posted October 10, 2019

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