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47. 7 Real Estate Networking Tips Every Agent Should Know

As you’ve been growing your real estate business, have you kept putting networking on the back burner?

Do you feel like if you could just get better at networking, properties and clients would start appearing out of nowhere?

Don’t wait any longer! Real estate networking is a long game strategy, but it will revolutionize your business in the most positive ways.

Let’s take a look at seven real estate networking tips that every real estate agent should know.

1. Don’t Cut Corners on Your Website and Blog

Everyone knows it’s important in this day and age to have a website and a blog, but not everyone takes full advantage of the power of a professional and well-managed website.

90% of real estate firms have websites. Take a look at the websites of other agents in your area. Notice how differently their sites come across.

Well-tended, modern, and easy to use sites give off an air of expertise and professionalism. Old-looking, clunky, and sparse sites don’t leave clients with nearly as much confidence.

Use your website as an opportunity to not only showcase yourself but also the area that you service.

Don’t waste an opportunity by using stock photos. Use artfully taken, high-resolution photos of your region, town landmarks, and familiar sites. Utilize the power of visual imagery to indicate both the attractiveness of your region of the country as well as your own expertise and knowledge of the area.

2. Utilize the Full Potentials of Social Media

Social media is a powerful and amazing tool that you should be taking full advantage of.

In order to access the full potential of social media platforms, it’s not enough to just have accounts. You need to be using these platforms regularly, posting good press, promoting your properties, and interacting with users.

It’s crucial that you respond to all messages, emails, and inquiries as quickly as possible. If people see you as easy to contact, they’ll be much more likely to reach out to you rather than someone who took a week to get back to them.

There is a perfect middle ground when it comes to expanding your network in real estate through social media. While it’s vital to be active on the platforms, you also don’t want to come across as too pushy or salesy. Remember that even though you’re posting for the sake of your business, being authentic and genuine is a must.

3. Get to Know the Other Local Real Estate Agents

If you run into another real estate agent, say hello and be as friendly as possible.

While it might be easy to see other agents as your competition, especially when you’re starting out, they can also be a valuable part of your expanded network. A strong network that includes other agents can be incredibly valuable, offering lessons, shared best practices, and might even lead to referrals.

4. Attend Conferences and Industry Events

Real estate networking events such as conferences and other industry events are great ways to expand your real estate network.

This is an ideal way to meet others in your industry, learn about the latest trends in the market, and get informed about the hottest innovations being used by your colleagues.

You can even use social media to share updates and happenings of the conference in real-time.

As you attend the same conferences year after year, this is a great opportunity to maintain old connections and also create new ones. Rarely will you have the chance to network with agents in such a concentrated way.

5. Take Cards Just as Much as Your Give Them Out

This is a simple one, but it’s important.

It’s easy to always be thinking about who you can give your business card too. While this is great, remember that the phone works both ways. Accepting or even asking for other people’s business cards helps you build your network just as much if not more than giving out your card.

Always be thinking about how you can work with other people in a way that benefits both of you.

6. Engage in the Local Community

Knowing your area isn’t just about knowing your way around. It’s about knowing the people, understanding the nature of the neighborhoods, and understanding the essence of the place.

If you aren’t already part of your local community, get involved now. Having a sense of community is incredibly important.

There’s a lot of ways to interface with the community. You can volunteer, sponsor local teams and events, partner with local businesses or schools, and reach out to local media and radio stations.

Even in our digital world of social media, word of mouth is vastly influential. Getting yourself out and about in your town, meeting people, and making connections, will have a huge impact on your network and business.

7. Take the Initiative

As your contact list grows, don’t just let it sit there getting dusty. With permission to stay in touch, take the initiative and reach out to the people in your network.

Of course, there is a tasteful way to do this and a way that is over the top. Take initiative, make yourself known, but don’t be a pest. Find the perfect middle ground and people will respect you for it.

Real Estate Networking: It Makes All the Difference

Maybe you’ve been finding yourself desperately googling phrases like “real estate information network” or “network agents.” Never fear! If you’ve been feeling like your network isn’t as strong as it could be, the power is in your hands to make it much stronger.

Real estate networking takes time, but it’s amazing how powerful a solid network can be.

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posted February 17, 2020

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