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No Waiting, No Commission Splits, Own 100% Of Your Business

Real Estate Broker Sponsorship In Texas

 Real Estate Agent Sponsorship Without Going Through The Hassles Of Joining A big box brokerage.

Own A Real Estate Brokerage

If you are looking for Broker/Agent Sponsorship or to own your own brokerage in Texas, we have created a unique system for every Texas real estate sponsorship scenario.  No Waiting or Burdensome Continuing Education.  You need Broker Sponsorship that gives you independence and lets you keep 100% of your commissions.

Stop Splitting Real Estate Commissions

Sponsorship with Broker Breakup means no more splitting YOUR commission with a broker who lets you do all the work.   We've created a better way.  You can own the Brokerage and you keep 100% of the commission.   Or you can choose one of our agent sponsorship plans that allows you the freedom to operate independently while keeping everything you earn.  All plans come with our trademarked SponsorShield Guarantee.

Brokerage Owner Sponsorship. Build Your Business Your Way.

We are Brent Porter and Matthew Rice.  Our team is committed to providing you the best service and knowledge you need to grow your business.

We Give You The Inside Information Your Broker Has Been Hiding!

Build your Texas real estate brokerage to benefit you.  Isn't it about time?  Keep your commissions, build your own brand, and recruit your own agents.  

Texas Broker Sponsorships With Every MLS Board

At Broker Breakup, we sponsor real estate agents anywhere in Texas.  From agents to brokerage owners, our broker sponsorship makes sense for every real estate professional.  With premier access and support, we will provide more value than the broker in the office next door.  We won't even ask for a piece of your commission.

100% Commission Sponsorship The Better Way

You Deserve A Better Broker Sponsor

  • No more splitting commissions
  • stop building someone else's brand
  • Control Your Own Destiny
  • Make Your Own Marketing Decisions
  • Recruit Your Own Agents
  • No More Costly Fees

Broker Breakup's plan works for Jordan.  

"Broker Breakup has allowed me to double my salary and my production every single year."

Broker Sponsor Texas Review

The Agents We Sponsor Love Us

We Know You Will Too!

I wanted the ability to launch my own brand and company.  Brent has been an amazing asset.  His expertise and legal team are always behind the scene.  His timely response to our needs is the best!

Shelly Scanlin / Styled Real Estate

Broker Breakup Testimonials Shelly

I could not give Broker Breakup a higher recommendation.  Brent has been an amazing mentor.  He has helped me build my business.  This is a great opportunity to own your own brokerage.

Chase Bray / Bray Real Estate Group

Brokerage Sponsor in Texas

Broker Breakup is an amazing company and Brent is an incredible person and has so much to offer.   I would  100% recommend Broker Breakup for any type of sponsorship you need.

Crissy Broeske / Seasons of Life Realty

Texas Agent Sponsor

Realtor Sponsorships For Every Situation.

Whether you want to build your own brand or break up with your traditional broker sponsor, we have just the sponsorship plan for you.

Agents Who Want Independence

Some agents prefer sponsorship that allows them to exit the big box brokerage and work on their own.  We have a perfect sponsorship plan for you.

Agents Who Want To Own The Brokerage Without Waiting.

Other agents are looking for a sponsorship that allows them to build their own brokerage and brand prior to actually becoming a broker.  We have those plans as well.

Real Estate Agents: Get Your License Active In 24 hours or less

broker breakup offers access to the premier resources Used By Top Agents Across the country

Our sponsored brokers as well as sponsored agents consistently lean on us to provide them with the latest resources on how to successfully grow their income.

Our strong relationship with industry leaders and technology providers gives you the preferred pricing and insider access you need to keep you on the cutting edge of Texas Real Estate.

Companies we partner with

The Best Broker Sponsorship For Real Estate Agents In Texas.

Broker Breakup provides Texas Real Estate Agent and Broker Sponsorship across the state of Texas.  No matter if you are new, seasoned, or even if you don't yet have your real estate license, we can help you grow your business.  Agents can stop splitting commissions and can even own a brokerage on day one.  We want you to grow your own brand and business.  Agents from Dallas along with Austin real estate agents keep more commissions with Broker Breakup.  Our brokerage sponsorship has helped new agents in Houston start their businesses and we sponsor LLC Brokerages in San Antonio as well.  No matter where you are in Texas, Broker Breakup provides you the Broker Sponsorship in TX you deserve without taking your commissions.