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43. Rev Up! 9 Ways to Boost Your Real Estate Business Revenue

If you’re someone with big dreams for your real estate business and don’t want to spend your time and effort building up someone else’s brand, there’s no option but to go out on your own. However, as a new real estate business, you’re a small fish in a huge pond, you’ll have to find a way to make an impact.

In order to be successful, you have to hit the ground running. You need to have a plan. You must know how you’re going to boost revenue and excite growth for the business. We can help. 

Keep reading for our top nine ways to boost your real estate business revenue.

1. Build an Amazing Website

First, understand that the majority of business now takes place online. In fact, 87 percent of consumers look for products and services online long before they make any decisions. If you don’t have an online presence, you’re already losing the race.

Create a website that’s user-friendly. It must be fast, intuitive, and visually appealing. The appearance and usability of your website will be how potential clients judge your credibility. 

You also need to make sure your website takes advantage of SEO. Search engine optimization refers to the complex algorithms search engines use to find your website based on a user’s keyword search. For example, if a user types in “real estate agents in Texas,” the search engine needs to be able to find you. 

You can boost your SEO ranking by:

  • Creating a blog on your page full of relevant articles
  • Using keywords
  • Using metadata on headers, images, videos, etc.
  • Using internal and external links
  • Making sure you have your contact info and address listed

2. Get Active on Social Media

Next, in today’s world of digital marketing, it’s vital to maintain an active presence on social media. Social media is one of the top ways companies worldwide are spreading their message and making sales conversions.

If you have a personal Facebook profile already, this will be easier. Once you build your business profile (linked to your personal profile), as you personal followers to follow your real estate business page. Then, continue building your following by posting relevant and engaging content, running competitions, giving away free stuff, and more.

Make sure you stay active on social media, as social media platforms have their own algorithms based on activity (posting and interacting) that will determine how many people see what you post. However, there are also paid social media marketing options you should definitely take advantage of.

3. Get Involved in the Community

Next, get noticed in your community by taking part in it. Get involved with a local charity or not-for-profit organization to host an event. This could be an art gala, a silent auction, a community pot luck, or a 5k race for charity. 

Then, invite dozens of other local businesses to take part as sponsors to help fund the event. They can set up booths or have their names printed on t-shirts for their contributions. Just be sure not to invite any competitors.

Finally, plan the event well in advance to give yourself enough time to market the event and get as many people to attend as possible.

4. Build an Email List

Consider creating an email campaign. This campaign will consist of a series of automated emails that will be sent out when someone subscribes to your email list. The email series needs to start out slow, thanking people for subscribing, telling them a little about you and your real estate business, and so on. 

Then, after a few emails of light-heartedness and bonus content (eBook, free tips and advice, etc.), you can start pitching sales promotions.

5. Affiliate with Local Business Owners

There is strength in numbers, including when you’re running a business. Even if you own your real estate business by yourself, it pays to have mutually beneficial relationships with other business owners. 

You refer clients to one another, advertise each other’s businesses, etc. As a real estate business, look for affiliations with contractors, banks, private lenders, and other companies that will give your clients a leg up by doing business with you.

6. Switch to BrokerBreakUp

Being in the real estate business certainly has its risks.

On the one hand, you can join a large brokerage and give away half of your commission while building up someone else’s name. This option, while costly, is secure and is a somewhat safe bet. However, you miss out on the opportunity to build your own empire. 

On the other hand, you can choose to go out on your own, build your own name and brand, and keep the majority of your revenue. However, this option comes with no safety net. There’s no guarantee, but there is also no limit.

But there is a solution. BrokerBreakUp acts as your sponsoring broker while you maintain 100 percent of your commissions. You pay a flat fee for the sponsorship but remain the sole owner of your real estate business.

7. Try Your Hand at Traditional Marketing Techniques

In some towns, it doesn’t go amiss to invest in some conventional marketing tactics. For example, radio advertising has proven to be effective to this day, as many locals still tune into public radio stations.

Alternatively, you can try TV ads, newspaper ads, or local magazine ads.

8. Experiment with Various Types of Digital Marketing

As a real estate business owner, you should never stop learning. Part of learning for any type of business owner means experimenting with different marketing techniques.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are quite literally thousands of options out there in terms of who to advertise through, how to advertise, and how much you want to spend. Here are a few suggestions:

  • PPC marketing
  • Content marketing
  • SEO marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing

9. Be Consistent

Finally, to be a successful business owner of any kind, you have to stay consistent. While we recommend experimenting with different methods of advertising, you must also give each enough to do its work. If you tried every type of advertising you could find for just one week, you would never reap any rewards. 

Your audience needs to see you, hear from you, and read about you several times before you start making an impact. Consistency in advertising, social media activity, your online presence, and community involvement will make all the difference.

Need Help Growing Your Real Estate Business?

If you’re starting a real estate business or simply looking to boost your revenue, we have a variety of pricing models that allow you to choose how much involvement we have in helping you grow your business.

Contact us today to learn more, ask any questions, or get started!

posted December 13, 2019

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